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    Saw your article on line…thanks for the info.  In addition to the nests they have built on my house, which I now know how to deal with, there is an area in my lawn that stays pretty much constantly damp due to my neighbors sprinkler system. I see the mud daubers digging in the mud there all the time.  Can I put the Cypermethrin in the grass where they congregate…would that maybe chase them away to find their mud elsewhere?

    Again…thanks for the info

    It’s very astute that younoticed the mud dauber wasps foraging in the damp dirt you’ve described as wet and moist. In fact this would be a prime location for them to extract the key ingredient they need to build nests. And to answer your question; yes, it would be very wise to treat the area with the CYPERMETHRIN as it will effectively stop the behavior immediately. In most cases the treatment will repel them elsewhere but if they insist on crawling over the treated turf, the chemical will kill them over a few days. Since the area is getting wet over and over from the irrigation system, you’ll need to treat every 2-3 weeks to insure there is anything still active working for you. The constant water and exposure to sunlight will wear the Cypermethrin down a lot sooner than normal like when it’s applied to the side of your home.

    Additionally, one big benefit of doing this will be that you should expect to see less activity on your home following the turf treatment. Since these guys like to build nests as close to where they find good dirt to use is one of the big reasons you have them in the first place. But by chasing them elsewhere there will no doubt be more nests on someone else’s home and less on yours. And since there are many species of wasps which like to live in the ground, you’ll also be controlling any of these ground nesting wasps so again, this treatment will have many benefits and should be done. I feel I should also point out it’s not common for people to see just where the dirt for nest building is being mined so you are quite lucky in that you found it.

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