wasp nest in ground around pond

    Dear Bugspray: We have a type of wasp that is digging around our pond and creek. It looks like we have gopher piles all over. It is a low area and very wet. When I looked online I found a lot of info on wasp but nothing that really replicated our situation. I think they are mud wasps but not sure. Can you help me out and what would be the best way to get rid of them??
    This is an easy one. Since there are hundreds of species of ground nesting wasps and bees, there is no way to tell for sure what species you have. Fortunately this doesn’t matter. What does matter is a good treatment using the ESFENVALERATE listed in our DIGGER WASP CONTROL ARTICLE will knock them out. You can also use our CYPERMETHRIN if you have this in stock; it works just as good on wasps.
    Don’t forget to apply some CYFLUTHRIN GRANULES since it’s most likely the active wasps have already laid eggs. If they have, the eggs are no doubt buried down deep below where the liquid will reach so putting out something that will permeate down in the soil a bit is required. Eggs will develop over the next month or two and cause a reinfestation if left untreated so they’ll probably come back if you only do 1 liquid spraying.
    Lastly, understand that if the nests were there last year, it will take awhile for you to see complete results since emerging pupae are impossible to kill. Pupae would be the stage left over from last years population (they stay in this stage throughout the winter) and only when all of the pupae hatch will the infestation run it’s course. The liquid and granules will kill larvae and adults now as well as the eggs. But pupae are too well protected and if nests were there last year, there could be a lot of pupae hatching right now.
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