wasps making nests on brick house


    Hello, we bought a new brick house last year and noticed we have a lot of wasps flying around and making nests. It is a brick 2 story and the wasps like to fly and land on the red/orange bricks then work their way into our casement windows and make their nests inside and on top of the window that cranks out. Also they make nests outside on high peaks as well. Last year we had about 10-15 nests in either the windows or on the house. New year and they are back is there a way to prevent these insects from being attracted to this house? I read about NBS and CYPERMETHRIN; can these be sprayed onto windows and bricks and cedar decks?
    Thank you for your help!!!

    Both CYPERMETHRIN and NBS REPELLENT can be sprayed on the sides of homes, around windows, on cedar decks, etc. They both will repel insects but the NBS is only a repellent and can’t kill anything. The Cypermethrin is a true pesticide and definitely will kill wasps that come in contact with treated surfaces.

    Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

    Cypermethrin:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/liquid/viper-cypermethrin

    NBS:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/exempt/additive/nbs-paint-additive-16-oz

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