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    I see several cicada killer wasps in my yard. I guess their nests are the large tunnels they keep going into that are in one section by the edge of my property. I have a garden there and they seem to like this area. Do you think they are eating something I’m growing or do they actually eat cicadas? And what can I do to get rid of them? I didn’t do anything last year and now they’re a lot worse. I see a lot more nests this year.

    Cicada Killer Wasps will usually start out innocently enough with a single nest that will usually become several in a year or two. This is due to many reasons as explained in our CICADA KILLER CONTROL ARTICLE. If you have a good population of CICADA’S around, they will likely prosper so expect to be seeing them every year until you take care of the infestation. In fact, here is a short video of one actively stinging a cicada getting ready to drag it down to it’s lair…

    To treat the problem, it would be best to hit them with the CYPERMETHRIN we have listed in our Cicada Killer Control article. This will usually take care of them quickly and effectively.

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