wasps chewing on wood


    Have you ever heard of wasps eating eucalyptus wood?  I have an outdoor set and the wasps just seem to love it.
    I read a article that says if I mix together menthol eucalyptus and citronella oils and paint it on the wood, they should
    stop.  What do you think and do you have any suggestions. Thank You

    It is quite common for many species of wasps to chew on wood. Referred to as “girdling”, this is one of the more common ways they gather raw material used to make nests. As you know, wood is used to make paper and is referred to as cellulose. It just so happens that cellulose makes great wasps nests and many species including the common paper, European hornet, yellow jackets and potter wasps all girdle wood for their nests.

    Since the wasps you are seeing seem to be unfazed by the fact they are chewing on a eucalyptus tree, it’s not likely that spraying it with eucalyptus will have any effect. In fact, it may actually attract more. The addition of citronella to the spray won’t help either. Since the tree appears to be “vital” to them (it’s being used for their nest) the girdling of these wasps will continue unless you use something really strong. Citronella by itself may repel some but not when used on a food or nest source.

    One product we know will work on them is the CYPERMETHRIN featured in our WASP CONTROL article. Wasps hate this stuff and will stay off treated surfaces for 2-3 weeks per treatment. If you prefer something organic to spray, the GARDEN DEFENSE WITH NEEM is a good choice. It won’t last but 5-7 days per treatment but it too will repel them. The Neem Spray is featured on our NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL site and is labeled for use on organic gardens so it’s very safe to use. Lastly, if you prefer not to spray at all, the WASP REPELLENT NEST can be set out on the tree and may keep them away too. It does nothing but act as a visual repellent relying on wasps instinctive behavior to avoid where other wasps have made a nest. When they see it hanging, they keep flying and stay away. These could be placed on any tree which is being attacked and should scare off the damaging wasps.

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