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    We have wasps in a glass enclosed propane fire place. Don’t know where the nest is but there are probably two dozen on the glass. How to remove them safely? Any suggestions? Thanks.

    The easiest thing to try would be to open the flue and hope they “feel” the air flow that will be created. Typically when they do they’ll figure out how “follow the flow” and by doing so, get up and out of the area. This usually resolves the issue 50% of the time.

    Now if this doesn’t work, turn on the stove. No doubt the flame will either force them to exit or they’ll die. Either way they’ll be gone.

    But once they’re gone, your problem is most likely not over. I say this because what you’re experiencing is normal this time of year.

    Like many insects, wasps will be seeking a good place to hibernate for the winter and no doubt they’ve found your home to be a good spot to use. That means more will be coming and finding their way into your fireplace.

    So to stop this from continuing to happen all winter, you’ll have to do some treating. And the first place to start will be the outside area where they’re no doubt entering and/or roosting. The good news is this treatment could solve the issue. You see, wasps love congregating under most any exterior siding used on the average home as explained here in our wasp control article:

    Hibernating Wasps: http://www.wasps.net/#lt-strong-gt-wasps-hibernate-during-the-winter-lt-strong-gt

    So if you were to get some of the DRIONE DUST we have listed in our article and apply it to the top of your chimney box, there is a good chance this will kill any wasps present as well as prevent more from coming around and trying to use the area to hibernate. Drione can last 6-12 months and it’s a great product to use around the entire homes exterior once a year to prevent insects from nesting or roosting.





    Now if you’re able to climb up onto your roof and get to the chimney box safely, you’ll only need a simple HAND DUSTER to apply the Drione. Expect to fill the duster 2-3 times and get as many sides of the chimney dusted. It won’t take much (Drione will flow up and into all the cracks quite well) but you should get as many gaps treated as you can reach.




    But if you can’t get close enough, the DUSTICK will be the applicator you’ll need. The Dustick is ideal for reaching up high can be particularly helpful if you decide you want to dust the rest of the homes exterior but don’t feel like climbing a ladder. I use it to apply Drione around my home about once a year and it stops pretty much any kind of pest including wasps, bees, ants, roaches, spiders and more. The bottom line is its well worth the investment.





    Now in most cases, dusting these areas will resolve the problem. But if for some reason these wasps were actually targeting the inside of the fireplace exhaust pipe (which I’ve seen happen), then you’ll need to set up a treatment that will be spraying this space on a regular basis.

    And this treatment will have to be ongoing because there is nothing you can use in this area that will last once you burn a flame. In other words, fire will destroy any chemical treatment immediately so if you are burning the flame on a regular basis, the easiest way to deal with this problem from happening in the off season would be to set an AEROSOL 1000 machine in the fireplace.





    These machines are basically an auto dispensing system (they’re quite small too) . They work around the clock by releasing small amounts of aerosol set to a timer you control. These treatments won’t last long which is why you want to set the machine to go off at least every 15 minutes (this is the default setting so no adjustment is needed).

    They run on two “D” cell batteries and are easy to deploy. Once in place and working, any wasps which fly into your flue and linger will either leave or die.

    Now if you want to turn your fireplace on and burn the flame, you’ll need to pull the machine out of and turn it off but this is easy to do and will only take a second.

    Lastly, you’ll will need to keep the machine filled with a fresh can of METERED INSECTICIDE¬†which will need to be replaced every 30 days.





    Drione: http://www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/dust/drione-dust

    Hand Duster: http://www.bugspraycart.com/equipment/dusters/crusader

    Dustick: http://www.bugspraycart.com/equipment/dusters/dustick

    Aerosol 1000: http://www.bugspraycart.com/equipment/foggers/aerosol-dispenser-1000

    Metered Insecticide: http://www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/aerosol/purge-iii-6-25-oz

    Give us a call if you need more help. Our toll free is 1-800-877-7290 and we’re open 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM Mon-Thur; 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Friday and 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Saturday, Eastern Standard Time.

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