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    For the past few days we have been finding at least 1 large reddish-brown wasp in our condo per day. Where would they come from? No windows are open ever without a screen in them. There is a small “crawl” attic space. Would this be where they are hiding? I really have no choice but to kill them as my husband is allergic to all stings and we have two small children. Help.

    If you read through our WASP CONTROL article, you’ll learn these guys “overwinter” or hibernate on structures. In fact attic spaces are prime real estate for them and highly sought after. My guess is you have some living up there or maybe in the soffits around your facia boards and the roofing. In most cases wasps will start congregating there and every year more and more will accumulate until they eventually get into the attic space. From there it’s just a matter of time before some come inside living spaces.

    To treat the problem, you really need to dust the attic. But when living in a condo, you sometimes don’t have access. If that’s the case for you, the next best thing is to find their route of entry into your living areas. Many times this will be any small crack around ceiling molding, light fixtures or behind outlet covers. These areas should be treated with the DRIONE DUST listed in our article. Just a few puffs of the dust using a HAND DUSTER and all pests will avoid the location. They just cannot travel over the Drione which effectively dehydrates them so it’s highly insect repellent naturally.

    Now if you can get into the attic, dust it with the Drione using a DUSTIN MIZER. This only has to be done once a year but since these wasps will be active in the spring, summer and fall, the treatment’s long residual will server you well.

    Lastly, if you note wasps landing on the section of the condo that’s yours, spray it with CYPERMETHRIN. This will repel them and in turn, prevent them from entering the structure. This will no doubt cut down if not eliminate the problem of them getting inside.

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