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    I found your Website on a Google search.  It is the time of year, again, where we have wasps entering our house and congregating around the top of our chimney outside.  We have had three different pest control companies come out over the past 5 years, all saying it would cost from 300-500 dollars to “try” and treat them; with no guarantees.  I figured for that money we should do it ourselves and actually get rid of them, instead of just trying.  But obviously our efforts are not enough!!  Year after year, no matter what we try, they seem to over-winter and return in the spring.

    No one can locate the nest!  That is the real problem.  Otherwise we could just remove it.  We even had a chimney sweep examine the chimney (at the recommendation of one of the companies) and he said there was no nest.  How is that possible?

    Today we have already vacuumed up two wasps–one that was upstairs, right next to the attic door on the ceiling, and another in my son’s room!  That is really the final straw, because I just cannot have wasps randomly coming in my 4-year olds room.

    What should I do???

    Anticipating your Advice-


    This is an easy one. If you read through our WASP CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn they do this not for nesting but simply to survive the winter. And once a structure is used, it will be “scented” so that local wasps will find it year after year. No doubt this is happening to your home right now. To stop this behavior, you only have to spray the surfaces where you see them with the CYPERMETHRIN we have listed. It will kill any that come in contact with it as well as repel them from the area.

    If the chimney has a covering, like cedar shakes or hardyboard planks, there are probably cracks or seams where the wasps can enter to hide. To insure the best results, you should dust these areas with DRIONE prior to spraying. If you can’t reach this area safely, use a DUSTICK to apply the Drione. As our Drione video shows, this dust is quite light and will float up into the gaps and voids taking care of any wasps that may have entered so they cannot survive.

    One application of both will solve any problem like this and should be done every spring and fall to stave off all activity. I like to do this application around my house every year focusing in on overhangs, soffits and any seam I find to keep out all overwintering pests. It works on just about all of them including wasps, stinkbugs, leaffooted bugs and others.

    Here are direct links to the information and products mentioned above:

    Wasp Control Article:  http://www.wasps.net/wasp-and-hornet-control

    Cypermethrin:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/liquid/viper-cypermethrin

    Drione:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/dust/drione-dust

    Dustick:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/equipment/dusters/dustick

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    March 23, 2011

    guest @ 6:55 am #

    Hi I just read your response to “wasps congregating top of chimney” question and that is exactly what I’m dealing with now. We just moved into this home last month her in DE from SC and I have been sucking up wasps with my vacuum ever since. The few days of warmth we had seemed to bring more activity but now it’s cold again so I haven’t seen any today. I have called our pest control company too (referred by previous homeowners). After a few visits with them spraying and dusting the attic it came out this has been an ongoing problem. The owner said they dusted outside up in the sofits and around windows in the fall. Explained to me that they are over wintering and gave me traps with sticky substance on it for me to put fruit on. If that doesn’t work then they will drop off another kind of trap for me to use. A last resort is to fog the home and and again in the fall. I asked them to check out the roof and chimney area since I had seen them flying there during the day that I killed 12 in my house and employee said he can’t go up there for insurance reasons (same reason he dusted from the spot he entered in the attic since it doesn’t have a floor to support him). So should I spray the dust up that way from the ground using the sprayer? What are your thoughts?

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