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    I live in a 2 story house and every year in the spring there is a huge swarm of wasps at the top corner of the 2nd story. I need something that will let me spray 30 ft high to be able to kill them all. Do you have a sprayer that will spray that high? Thanks John

    We have a couple. The most popular is the Trombone Sprayer. There is a video on the following product page which does a good job showing how it operates:


    The Trombone sprayer makes applying a good wasp spray like Cypermethrin easy.


    But to get complete control of this problem, you will probably need to dust up under the siding, facia boards and possibly the roofing in the area. This is all covered in our Wasp Control article in the following section:

    Use Drione for this application and if you treat once a year (usually in the spring), this problem can be managed so it won’t be coming back over and over.


    Since wasps like to hibernate in these areas, treating with a long lasting dust like Drione can prevent such infestations and is well worth the time and effort to get done every year.

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