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    I wanted to thank-you for your information on the internet regarding mud daubers. I installed a window air conditioning unit and did not cover the exterior area on either side of it allowing exposure to the area between the interior and exterior windows. The interior side in completely sealed. I noticed a nest about 2 weeks ago at the very top of the inside window area and identified it as a mud dauber nest, the insects are yellow and black. Since then 2 more tubes about 2 inches long each have been added and of the 3, 2 have been closed the 3rd remains open. I was going to try and knock them down but it meant removing my AC unit to get to them so I have since sealed up the outside so they cannot get in and continue building more nests. I realize that the 2 sealed nests will probably hatch sooner than later and whatever is inside will have no place to go as the area is now sealed. Is it better to just leave them now and after the nests hatch the new insects will die in this sealed area, then when I remove my AC unit in the fall I can get rid of anything that remains or is there any danger in not completely removing the 3 nests now?

    It’s never a good idea to lock any wasp or bee in close proximity to a household like you’ve described. Hatching young mud daubers will have no place to go and they could end up inside the structure. I have no idea if there are children, pets or elderly people around but when wasps or bees are forced inside homes or other structures, they most certainly pose a hazard to the occupants. I advise this nest and any others on the home to be removed.

    After the nests are scraped off the home, it is strongly advised that you spray with some CYPERMETHRIN to insure new nests won’t be built in the same area. As our WASP CONTROL ARTICLE explains, the scent of wasp nests, wasp pheromones, wasp food and just plain wasp activity will lure more to the area so the current situation will only get worse and worse till its properly treated. If you are reluctant to spray the Cypermethrin, consider one of our organic options listed on our NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL site. Organic products are very safe to use and they don’t last long once applied. However, they will be able to hold off new activity for a week or two. One of the better organic options is our MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER.

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