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    I’m looking for a non toxic wasp killer that I can spray on my log cabin to stop wasps from building nests. I’d like a liquid I could spray and some kind of freeze for a quick kill. The sprays I’ve used in the past all smell bad and the wasp freezes have been smelly. Any options available yet?

    There are a couple of non toxic pest control options for wasps. In our Wasp Control article, we list a couple of concentrates you can spray that will keep wasps away from treated surfaces. These are all safe when used properly and the safety video’s listed on each product page details all you need to know to both handle and store the products.

    If you want something organic to spray, go with either the ECO IC CONCENTRATE or the MULTIPURPOSE INSECT KILLER.  These can be applied to the side of the home and should kill any that cross over it. I would expect that it will require several sprayings to knock them all off since these concentrates won’t last as long as the traditional pesticides listed in our article but they should do the job. Once the problem is under control, you can go with the ORGANIC WASP REPELLENT to keep new ones from making nests. It can be added to paint or stain and you can even spray it throughout the year as needed.

    As for a quick kill; the ECO WASP FREEZE is both quick acting and effective. Keep a few cans handy for spot treating but in the long run, don’t rely on this to solve the problem.

    Lastly, don’t rule out dusting. This is a great way to control these guys and the DE DUST is a good replacement for the Drione. It’s quick acting and can last a good long time.

    Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

    Wasp Control:

    ECO IC:

    Multipurpose Insect Killer:

    Insect Repellent:

    ECO Wasp Freezre:

    DE Dust:

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    May 16, 2011

    guest @ 9:16 am #

    My family and I have just moved into a home which has Cedar Shake siding.. we seem to have alot of yellowjackets the are climbing through and on the cedar. The owners state that they are there every year and love the cedar…I would like a non toxic treatment that would prevent them from being there and from coming back. My mother in law is deathly allergic to them and I have twin 4 year olds. There is not really a good place that is not frequented to hang the disposable traps.. I did read something about a fake nest that would keep the other wasps away? does this work? Any advice would be great thank you.

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