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    I’ve been seeing wasps coming in and out of my siding. I know there must be a nest there but I can’t see it. Also, I’m afraid the liquid sprays I use won’t get to their nest behind the siding. How can I treat this nest effectively?

    You’re right in thinking the spray won’t reach the nest. It won’t. Gravity and tight wood joints will make it all but impossible for a liquid spray to get where it needs to be. But in our wasp control article, you’ll see a product called Drione that’s perfect for the task at hand. If you view the video on how this product “floats” around after applied, you’ll understand why it will do the job. Apply it with one of the Hand Dusters into all the cracks and crevices you find and you’ll get any wasps in the area real good. The Drione will seek all the voids and spaces where they nest. In fact, if you do this treatment once in the spring and then again once in the fall, you should be able to keep them under control and the house wasps nest free.

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    May 8, 2011

    guest @ 6:31 pm #

    let me start by thanking you for having such an informative site! many sites only have information about getting rid of a VISIBLE hive. i was reading the questions on the forum and i have a similar problem as the reader of oct 25 2010. we’ve only lived in out house for two years but we have a considerable amount of trees and a water source behind our backyard. Last summer i noticed there were paper wasps around the outside of our house (back porch on the side of the “sun room”). my husband thought i was nuts when i told him they were squeezing into the small holes of the siding. we saw they were forming a small nest and my husband waited till dark to knock it down and leave let it in the bag for a couple of days. we sprayed some of that “bug barrier” as recommended by a friend. However, I continued to see some wasps around the house (granted it was less activity than before). Now, this year I’ve seen a good amount of wasps around that same area AND way up high on the underside by where the gutters are. In additions one of the rooms on the second floor also has a small hole in the room that i hadnt noticed till now (I’m not sure if wasps would burrow through a wall like that and if it isnt just a screw thats coming through since a good amount of them are doing so and the contractor in the house said they do so as the house settles but none have left an open hole like that). How should i handle this situation? My husband is deployed, the room with the hole is my infant son’s room and I’m worried because I have adverse reactions to bee stings (I’ve thrown up twice and fainted once after being stung). Please help! i want to handle the situation properly and if there IS a nest i dont want to anger any wasp that may come into the house and hurt my kids. I read that you can dust the siding and what not but i’m worried if the hole WAS made by these paper wasps that i’d leave them with no other exit than into the house. I’d really appreciate a response.
    thanks in advance for your time =) .

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