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    Can you recommend some products for controlling wasps around an inground swimming pool?  I have an 11 month old baby, so I need it to be safe for children.  However, we are being invaded by wasps— to the point that we cannot even enjoy the pool without swimming with a fly swater.  (We’ve killed over 30 wasps in one trip to the pool.)  So you can see that we are serious about controling these.  Any suggestions would be great.

    Wasps are commonly attracted to water. Bird baths, lawns which are heavily irrigated and swimming pools are common places they will be seen during the warm summer months since they need water all the time. There are several products that can be applied around the home which can help to minimize this activity but since wasps fly, stopping all activity in your “air” is near to impossible.

    That being said, I recommend you first read through our WASP CONTROL ARTICLE. There will you learn about various wasp treatments that can be done on the property to help keep them away. Since you have an 11 month old active in the area that will be treated, a good alternative option would be the ORGANIC MOSQUITO AND TICK SPRAY. This ready to spray concentrate can be applied safely to lawns and plants where people and pets will be active. Though it doesn’t say wasps on the label, it will definitely kill and repel them and can therefore offer relief from some of the excessive activity it sounds like you’re experiencing.

    For a totally organic solution, use the NBS REPELLENT. You can mix it with water and spray it anywhere. It won’t kill a thing but it will repel wasps from treated areas.

    Additionally, you should install 1-2 of our WASP REPELLENT NESTS. These fake nests look like the real thing and when other wasps see them, they stay away.

    If it turns out you have another species of wasp hanging around, refer to some of our other wasp articles. Treatments can vary depending on the species so we have separate information for YELLOWJACKETS, CICADA KILLERS, DIGGER WASPS, EUROPEAN HORNETS just to name a few.

    Wasp Control Article:

    Mosquito/Tick Spray:


    Wasp Repelling Nests:

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    May 8, 2011

    guest @ 9:51 pm #

    Live in Texas and WASP seem to be all around pool. No nests around house I have gotten rid of all those, none found in my yard at all. Any product to manage the situation would be found to be very helpful.

    May 22, 2011

    guest @ 8:08 pm #

    Please help! I live out in the country and have an inground swimming pool. I am having a terrible problems with wasps being in and around my pool. I have tried spraying the nests daily as they are building them under ledges, eaves, etc. It is not helping as the wasps may be coming from tress out in the pasture. Is there one of your sprayers I could use to spray my eaves and areas where my soffetts connect? And what would I spray into these spaces? Thanks for your help.

    June 16, 2011

    guest @ 4:19 pm #

    I have a pool in Mesa,Az the paper wasps love it. I cannot find the nest. How can I keep them away?

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