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    Hi – Working out in the yard yesterday with my brother and we were suddenly surrounded by wasps. Were cutting out trees growing out of old stumps. Noticed them around the storage shed yesterday. Today they are all over – back porch, front porch, under the overhangs and buzzing around in the back yard. My mother 93 ended up in hospital 20 some years ago because of bites from these same kind of wasps. (Usually have them every year – never have been able to totally eliminate) but this year seems to be extremely bad. Also have two small dogs (Yorkies) who love the outdoors in nice weather. I need to know how to eliminate them totally if possible. Mom probably would not survive another attack and I know the dogs definitely would not. Only 5 pounders. Hope you are able to suggest something I can do myself. Thanks.

    For now I suggest you read our WASP CONTROL article. In the article we go over very specific strategies one can employ to both kill and repel wasps from structures and the general landscape. These methods are quite effective and when applied should rid the yard of their presence. Send another message if you need further help but our article covers every option we recommend.

    Wasp Control:

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