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    I need help because I don’t know where to start. Wasps have been going behind the right hand side mirror on my SUV. I have never had this happen before but am sure they are building a nest. I was looking around the area and found a small dried nest (last year?)

    What do I do first? I can’t remove the mirror, I looked. But how can I ask my car dealer to do it when I know the nest if there.

    Please help me figure this out.

    By the way, I am an older woman who wants the dealer or an exterminator to do this.

    If you read through our WASP CONTROL article, you’ll learn one of the best products to use on wasp nests is in the form of a dust. In fact, a quick dusting into the crack where you see them foraging will take care of the nest and any future attempts to make new nests. As you can see in our dust video, when applied the dust is like smoke and tends to filter all around insuring you’ll get the required coverage.

    The only problem is the normal size of DRIONE DUST is way too much for this job. Fortunately we have an alternative which comes in a small size. The MOTHERS EARTH DUST comes nicely packaged in it’s own applicator so all you need to do is squirt some into the crack of the mirror. I would recommend doing this in the middle of the day. Just a few squirts is all that will be needed so it won’t take a lot. When the nesting wasp comes back and tries to go into the void, the treated surface will either die or be so repelled they’ll fly away and stay away.

    In some cases the use of an aerosol would be suggested but because the car has a finish, you don’t want to risk the aerosol hurting the paint on the car. The dust won’t have any impact and a few days later, after you treat and know the nest is gone, you can wash the car clean with no risk of hurting any of the paint or finish. Using an aerosol could cause a problem so don’t try it.

    Alternatively you can call a pest control operator and have them apply the dust behind the mirror as a service. They’ll probably want to charge a lot more compared to doing the work yourself but this is a decision you’ll need to make.

    Here is a direct link to the information and products mentioned above:

    Wasp Control Article:  http://www.wasps.net/wasp-and-hornet-control

    Drione Dust:  http://www.bugspray.com/catalog/products/page31.html

    Mothers Earth Dust: http://www.non-toxic-pest-control.com/dust/mothers-earth-diatomaceous-dust

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