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    Hi, I am interested in purchasing the Crusader dust applicator and a dust that will kill wasps (yellowjackets) in a wall. Is the ECO EXEMPT ORG DUST 10 OZ a good choice? Thank you, M.B.

    Yellowjackets will many times create a nest in the wall as detailed in our YELLOWJACKET CONTROL ARTICLE. If you are able to treat these nests from inside the house, the impact can be devastating to the colony. A good dusting from this angle should knock them out on contact with little or no chance of any surviving. But the key here is being able to access them from inside your home. DO NOT attempt to dust them from their outside access point (where you see them entering and leaving their nest). This will almost always lead to nothing but a bad experience. When jobs are done this way in most cases the nest is broken up and forced to another part of the wall which is usually more remote and difficult to treat. As explained in our article, the only way to attempt to dust is from inside the home with the dust being applied toward the outside of the home. This insures if you do miss them they won’t move deeper into the wall making it a more difficult problem to treat.

    As for your choice of dust; the DRIONE listed in the article is definitely the best option. It’s a dessicant and as such will remain active a long time. This insures you’ve got something working behind the wall to get all the hatching young that will no doubt emerge in the coming months if the nest is established and growing. ECO EXEMPT is an alternative that can be used and if you’re able to treat the nest directly, it will do the job. Mind you it won’t work nearly as fast nor will it last a long as the Drione but if you can deliver it where it will matter the most, Eco Exempt can handle yellow jackets fine.

    May I also suggest another exempt alternative we have listed on our NON TOXIC WEB SITE known as MOTHERS EARTH. ThisĀ  is another dessicant dust which is similar to the Drione with a lot of qualities that make it better suited for yellowjackets. Quick acting and long lasting, it would be a better choice over the Eco Exempt and should be considered for this job as well.

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