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    Can you recommend a liquid concentrate that I can put into a pump sprayer? We have railings with spindles around our porch. Wasps love the “nooks” created at the top between spindles. Only way to get to spray up is from right underneath. Aerosol cans don’t work due to need to angle can to almost horizontal. Thanks!

    We’ve got two options that will work. The first is a liquid known as CYPERMETHRIN CONCENTRATE. You can find it mentioned in our WASP CONTROL article. As the article details, wasps and other flying insects hate cypermethrin and will avoid anywhere it’s been applied. You can use it on your homes siding, soffits, railings, around windows, shutters, etc. Basically anywhere wasps want to make nests. Treatments will last 30-60 days and will both kill and repel any that come to the treated areas so you can use it to control existing nests and to help stop nests from being formed.

    The second option is actually an aerosol. Now unlike a standard “wasp freeze” type aerosol, this product can be used to spot treat by “misting” the spray over the areas you want to treat. This means you won’t have to spray with the can pointed directly upside down which can no doubt cause issues. I actually use this product all the time on my boat to get wasps that want to make nests on my boats bimini top. I have to point the aerosol slightly “up”, at about a 45 degree angle, but it works fine at that angle. And it only takes 2-3 seconds of mist to get the surface treated. I’m mostly treating mud daubers but it will work on any kind of wasp.

    So if you can get close to the “nooks” you mention are having the problem, PHANTOM AEROSOL might be something you can employ. It’s odorless, goes on dry and is very easy to use – especially if spraying a liquid can be messy where you need to treat. Just keep in mind Phantom is not a contact killer like the Cypermethrin. So even if you spray a wasp directly, it will not die. Now this is very much by design; Phantom takes 2-3 days to kill targeted insects but by taking this long to work, it can actually affect many other wasps so this feature is very much a “good thing”. Its also the reason for the products name; phantom insinuates that the treatment is undetectable by the wasps so they’ll readily walk over it without being repelled or concerned. And by not noticing it’s present, they will be picking up the treatment and as a consequence, die.

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