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    I’ve had an ongoing problem with wasps getting into my log home. There are lots of cracks and I’ve filled some but still they get in. I’m planning on doing some painting and staining this spring and was wondering if I can add the cypermetrin to my paint. Will this work?

    Adding any of our chemicals to paint or stain will make them useless. The solvent system of most paints and stains will essentially break down our chemical and in the end it won’t be able to work properly compared to when it’s sprayed.

    However, we do have a product listed in our WASP CONTROL ARTICLE that’s ideal. Designed to bond with paint or stain,  NBS REPELLENT PAINT ADDITIVE can be mixed with any exterior product providing 1-2 years of insect repellency. All natural and long lasting when used properly, NBS won’t kill wasps or other insects but it’s natural repellent action will help keep them away. I suggest you use it every time you’re doing any outside exterior painting or staining.

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