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    Found your product (PT-Encapsulated Pyrethrin Microcare) online for wasp treatment.

    When looking at the product on the shopping cart page, it says for chiggers and lice.  Does this, in fact, work for wasps?  I have dozens of them buzzing around the eaves and shutters on my vinyl sided house, many of them getting inside, though I do not know how. I am looking for a repellant.

    Also, will this product cause any discoloration of my siding or shutters?

    Thanks for any info you can provide.

    Sorry for the confusion; we’re in the middle of changing over carts and the old one isn’t showing accurate information like target pests. Rest assured the PT MICROCARE will work on them. However, based on where you’re seeing the activity, I’m not sure it’s the best product for your problem. If you review our WASP CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn the CYPERMETHRIN and DRIONE DUST is better suited when treating this area. The Microcare is what one can use when treating small open areas around the home and not so much for large areas up high but rather spot treating small areas at ground level.

    As for discoloration issues; none of the products I mentioned above will cause any discoloration so they can all be used without worry over this happening. And don’t rule out the NBS INSECT REPELLENT option too if you plan on painting the home anytime soon. It’s a paint additive which really works well at chasing away unwanted insects including wasps and bees. And since it can be used as a spray too, it might come in handy for treating large areas.

    Here are links to all the information and products mentioned above:







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