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    We have a log cabin in the mountains of north Georgia. We are only here for part of the year. For the last several months, we have had wasps appearing in the house, usually in the second level, around a large window. So far today, my husband has caught and released over 40 black wasps. We cannot determine where they are coming from. They don’t fly around which would allow us to see where there are many of them. They just seem to appear.

    Any ideas about how to identify where they are coming from or to find a nest?

    Thanks. You have a great website.

    There are many species of black wasps which “over winter” or hibernate. Log cabins are classic structures where they like to spend their winters. The logs tend to attract many types of insects including bees and wasps. In the fall they find small cracks and crevices in which to hide and live throughout the cold winter. Come spring, they’ll emerge back to the wild but during the winter months, some will find their way into the living spaces.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t really any main location where they are coming from. During the winter, they don’t form a nest. They simply find cracks and hide when it’s cold. Unfortunately, some of these cracks will lead to the living area so some of the wasps that are on your cabin will find their way inside seeking relief from the cold of the winter. That being said, there are two things you can do which will stop this from happening.

    First, you should get some Drione and do a thorough dusting this spring. The drione will kill off any that are hiding in the cracks. A few weeks later you should do a good spraying with the Cypermethrin mentioned in our wasp control article. This will help keep any from forming nests this spring and summer. Next fall, you should again dust and spray with the Cypermethrin to stop any from hibernating on the cabin. This approach will keep your living area wasp free during the winter.

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